Loved chocolates Sweet Coffee
on the CACIB Salzburg 24.10.2021.
handled and groomed by Edit Molnár.
Judges: Maria-Luise Doppelreiter and Jose Doval
Junior Handling Winner AKA 1 and Best of the day with Andreas Palme.
Judge: Otto Krcal

Loved chocolates Sweet Coffee on the WDS
29.9.2021 CACIB Brno under judge Petra Plisková Ulrichová - CACIB, BOS
2.10.2021 Speciality of poodles during the WDS in Brno 2021 under judges Jean-Francois Vanaken Jean-François (BOB), Mikael Nilsson and Lene Kildeborg Jakobsen - CAC, BOB and
Best brown adult male, Best adult male
Best in Show
Loved chocolates Yusmalis
won on both shows JCAC.
I cannot say how happy they have made me.
Thank you for all four judges and for the Klub chovatelů pudlů Praha 1935. The Clubshow was perfect organised and we got so many wonderful prices from the beginning on. I gave some of them to my wonderful groomer Edit Molnár who was doing his beautiful grooming.

28./29.8.2021 Slovakian Clubshows Nitra
I proudly present my dreamboy
„Loved chocolates Sweet Coffee“
Handled and groomed by Edit Molnár he made me so unbelievable happy this weekend.
He started with CAC, Clubwinner, BOB, Best dwarf and Reserve Best in Show under honourable judge Adamo Cennini. At the second show he got CAC under Miroslav Gunis. On Sunday he won CAC, Clubwinner and BOB again under honourable judge Mario Funk. Winning Best brown poodle and finally Best in Show let me simply fly to the moon.
Coffee and Edit couldn’t even breath when the asked them back in the ring for the last competition - Supreme Best in Show. Three beautiful dogs were standing in the ring. The judges Mario Funk and Miroslav Gunis had to decide.
And at the end Coffee was winning the
Thank you to everybody who made this dream true!



Herzliche Gratulation

zum Jahressieger 2020

an meinen Sohn Andreas

im Junior Handling AK1!

Am 14.12. 2020 wurden

Loved chocolates Sweet Chilli und Solnes Hot and Spicey

stolze Eltern von einem kleinen, braunen Prinzen.


Loved chocolates Alpha Centauri

CACIB Tulln 26.9.2020
Judge: Rony Doedijns (NL)
"Loved chocolates Sweet Coffee" - CAC, CACIB, BOB
"Loved chocolates Sweet Chilli" - CAC, resCACIB
"Elmo Vacos Locos" - JCAC, JBOB
"Cen Clarence's Hibiscus" - CAC
"Loved chocolates Galaxy" - VCAC, VBOB, BOS; o: Michaela Glanner
Andreas & Coffee - #1 Junior Handling AKA1
Bundessieger Tulln 27.9.2020
Judge: Vija Klucniece (LVA)
"Loved chocolates Sweet Coffee" - CAC, resCACIB
"Loved chocolates Sweet Chilli" - CAC, resCACIB
"Elmo Vacos Locos" - JCAC, JBOB
"Cen Clarence's Hibiscus" - CAC
"Loved chocolates Expectation" - VCAC, VBOB
Andreas & Coffee - #1 Junior Handling AKA1

CACIB Bratislava 23.8.2020
Judge: Javorcik Vladimir
Loved chocolates Sweet Coffee
Loved chocolates Sweet Chilli

Szilvásvárad 2020
CACIB (Sylvia Grof) &
MUT Clubshow (
Eija Halonen
Loved chocolates Sweet Coffee
CAC, Clubwinner, BOB, Best brown and
Res. BIS
Loved chocolates Sweet Chilli
CAC, res. CACIB &
CAC, Clubwinner, BOS
#1 Couple class
#2 Junior Handling: Andreas & Coffee

08.12.2019 CACIB Wels 

Richter: Heidi Kirschbichler


Proud mum is over the moon.
Andreas Palme and Loved chocolates Sweet Coffee are the dream team of the weekend.
Winners of Junior Handling AK1 and Best of day again.

Loved chocolates Sweet Coffee - CACA, CACIB, BOB, BOG3
Warmingold NewVawe Ananas - CACA, CACIB, BOS
Zaramay Avandgarde Ajandék - Junior Winner
Kamil Eli Vera - CACA, CACIB, BOS